AutoVision Innovations Award

Erneut werden anlässlich des Zukunftskongresses des 2b AHEAD ThinkTanks die größten Innovatoren der vergangenen zwölf Monate geehrt. Die Awards gehen traditionell an jene Visionäre des digitalen Umbaus der Entertainmentbranche, deren innovative Geschäftsmodelle in den vergangenen zwölf Monaten die Entwicklung der Branche grundlegend verändert haben.

Im vergangenen Jahr ging der Award an: LAYAR
In diesem Jahr wurde der AutoVision Innovations Award 2011 für die innovativste technologische Entwicklung der vergangenen 12 Monate Monate vergeben.

And the Winner is: Tan Le

Tan Le, Emotiv


Innovativstes Geschäftsmodell: Tan Le

Tan Le (born 1977), a Vietnamese-Australian telecommunications entrepreneur, is a co-Founder of Emotiv. She was named the 1998 Young Australian of the Year.
Tan began university studies at the age of 16 and went on to complete a Bachelor's degree in law and commerce in 1998 at Monash University. As president of the Vietnamese Community of Footscray Association, she made a number of contributions to charities and newspapers throughout Melbourne.
Tan co-founded and ran SASme, a pioneer in providing SMPP platforms to telecommunication carriers and content aggregators, and one of the companies responsible for the creation of Australia's SMS application market. Tan helped grow SASme to thirty-five employees and multiple locations worldwide. Tan has also worked with one of Australia's leading law firms, Freehills.
Tan’s story was featured in the Eternity Exhibition of the National Museum of Australia. Tan has been featured in "Who's Who in Australia" List since 1999 and "Who's Who of Australian Women" List in 2007 & 2008, Fast Company's Most Influential Women in Technology in 2010 and Forbes' 50 Names You Need to Know in 2011. Tan has been honored by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader since 2009.

2b AHEAD Future Award

Daniel Hoepfner, PressMatrix


Beste Präsentation: Daniel Hoepfner

Daniel Hoepfner has extensive expertise in the mobile industry, with work experience that includes mobile open source startup Funambol and strategic consulting firm OC&C. He has been a senior executive at VC backed companies such as Funambol (California), Mobile-Video Startup ViiF (Germany) and AIM-public listed Synchronica (UK) supporting service provider and carrier to developing and providing innovative cloud-based service for consumer. Daniel is a successful entrepreneur, having founded and supported several high tech companies. His passion is driving innovations with a strong analytic, strategic and customer-centered focus, that leads to develop and execute great ideas for the company?s success. Daniel currently serves as CEO at PressMatrix, a digital publishing startup based in Berlin and runs a successful consulting firm delivering venture and bizdev services to various high profile startups. Daniel has studied Economics, holds several patents for SaaS computing and is very proud father of 2 girls.

Andreas Spieß, Solarkiosk GbR


Innovativstes Geschäftsmodell: Andreas Spieß


Andreas Spieß lebt und arbeitet als Rechtsanwalt und Unternehmer in Berlin.
1999 gründete er seine eigene Kanzlei, Spiess & Schumacher, mit Spezialisierung auf das Urheber- und Immaterialgüterrecht. Für seine weltweit tätigen Mandanten entwickelt Andreas Spieß internationale Lizenz-  und Know-How-Verträge, dort vor allem im Bereich Cleantech und IT. Weiterhin berät Andreas Spieß Start-Ups in der Seed- und nächsten Finanzierungsphase. 2008 gründete er zusammen mit äthiopischen Partnern ein Unternehmen in Addis Abeba, die Solar23 dev plc, das inzwischen zu einem der größten Solar System Integrators in Äthiopien gewachsen ist.
Seit Mitte 2010 entwickelt Andreas Spieß, zusammen mit den Gründern von GRAFT Architekten, ein innovatives Produkt und eine Business Idee namens "SOLARKIOSK" mit dem Ziel, neue „saubere“ Energielösungen und Produkte in ländlichen und wenig entwickelten Gegenden der Welt anzubieten und zu integrieren.