Tomorrowing Your Business – Enabling Transformation

The new congress by 2b AHEAD ThinkTank


All informations regarding the Tomorrowing Your Business Congress 2017 will be announced in springtime next year. 


Digitalization is setting the pace for business. Across all industries, companies are facing the emergence of vast changes in the shortest possible time frame. Their business models are now in question, as are the familiar facets of their work: organization, cooperation, production, value-added chains, leadership ... the transformation is happening simultaneously on widely diverse levels.


Those who hope to succeed in a transformed market need an entire palette of new skills and competencies for their organizations, for leadership staff, for every individual. How can we support the transformation processes in our companies, especially in larger ones? How can we take on the necessary speed and agility? How can we begin the shift from a culture of avoidance and control to a culture of learning and action? How can we make sound decisions in times of growing uncertainty? How can we take the fear out of the heads of our corporate leaders?


"Tomorrowing Your Business: Enabling Transformation" is comprehensively dedicated to the question of enabling change and the transformation of business and our companies. An exclusive event full of inspiration, innovation, and transformation: "Tomorrowing Your Business: Enabling Transformation".



Expect an extraordinary congress event!

Dialogue and reflection instead of prepackaged answers. Inspiration and exchange instead of hollow motivational rhetoric. 


"Tomorrowing Your Business" is no cookie-cutter exhibition of the same old IT vendors and HR projects, no promotional stage for self-styled motivational gurus. 


Be part of a living discussion. Listen to international speakers from the US and Europe. Network with real players from many countries.


Let yourself be inspired by visionary ideas. Profit from the experiences of companies that have realized new forms of agility and flexibility. 


Experience international business leaders discuss their change strategies and celebrity figures outline their personal change histories. Learn firsthand how topics and industries mutually boost each other, and listen to key speakers from culture, sports, and the church.


Experience today the technologies that will revolutionize our working environments in the coming years.


From the makers of the 2b AHEAD Future Congress, one the most innovative business events in Europe!


From those who brought you "The Recruiting Dilemma," "Rulebreakers" and "2025: How We'll Work in the Future," as well as numerous major trend studies!


From Germany's largest future-studies institute, the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank.