TYB Congress 2016: The Speakers


We had the privilege to experience the exciting thoughts from the following speakers:




Dr. Rüdiger Grube

Deutsche Bahn AG, CEO, Germany


Mobility in Transformation - Deutsche Bahn en route to DB 4.0" - Deutsche Bahn Chairman Dr. Rüdiger Grube will speak about how his company is taking advantage of the big opportunities of digitalization for better quality, more efficiency, and higher customer satisfaction.






Dr. Notker Wolf

Benedictine Order, Former Abbot Primate, Germany


Notker Wolf is the global head of the Order of St. Benedict. The electric-guitar playing abbot once opened for Deep Purple. His words are clear – and uncomfortable. The monk has already read the riot act to managers, union bosses, the unemployed, and even the pope himself. With his taboo-breaking leadership approach as the “boss without power,” he has sustainably changed the world of the Benedictines.






Dr. Jörg Liebe

Lufthansa Systems, CIO, Germany


As CIO of Lufthansa Systems, Jörg Liebe is responsible for the company’s innovation management and business development programs. The trained physicist already boasts 13 years of specialized experience in aerospace IT, and now aims to use digitalization to improve air traffic security.  As part of his strategy at Lufthansa Systems, he gives every employee 1,000 euros in investment capital to invest in internal innovation projects. Through this unique approach, transformation and digital speedboat projects are becoming a reality.      





Dr. Carsten Linz

SAP SE, Business Development Officer, Germany



Driven by digital transformation, Dr. Carsten Linz of SAP offers his customers a decisive competitive advantage. The expert for corporate leadership and innovation management is responsible for the global, systematic incubation of new innovations and the advancement of digital transformation for CIOs and Chief Process Officers. He additionally makes use of his experiences in his comprehensive work as a coach for next-generation incubator projects. His customers include startup founders, venture capitalists, and top executives.





Annemie Ress

eBay/PayPal, long-time Global Head of People Innovation, Great Britain


The former top executive with a degree in Law can lead you to success when it comes to (re)thinking HR matters. Ress headed the transformation of eBay and Paypal into a major global player, pioneering HR innovation in the group. In her view, the most important pillars for transformation are trust in the company and its people, communication, and keeping an open ear both internally and externally.  






Dr. Dirk Gratzel

PRECIRE Technology, CEO, Germany 


The head of Psyware can recognize you by your speech. Together with his team, he developed a technology for speech analysis that offers fascinating insights into the interplay between personality, speech, and behavior. With this software, professional-quality personality profiles can be generated in real time using short speech samples and text analyses, a process that generally takes psychologists days to complete. Personality analysis at the push of a button.






Christoph Jentzsch

Slock.it, Founder and CTO, Germany



Christoph Jentzsch has a background in Theoretical Physics. With his invention of the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and the use of cryptocurrency blockchains, he has already revolutionized the financial market.  He now aims to take his vision to the next level as co-founder and CTO of the Ethereum-based startup “Slock.it.” Alongside new projects involving electric cars and innovative power outlets and door locks, the company focuses primarily on the sharing principle. Whether it’s parking spaces or extra computing capacity, simple, automated digital payment is possible thanks to the blockchain.






David Arkless

long-time CEO of Manpower, Great Britain 


Tools and analytical solutions for transformation topics are easily available today. Many companies, however, hesitate when it comes to really using them. This is because of the fear of open-ended change. This is precisely what David Arkless, former CEO of CDI Corporation and Manpower, wants to change about Change Management. His approach: starting transformation from within, not from without. He explains why the use of new technologies is decisive for promoting the motivation of every single person involved and for choosing the right path at the crossroads of digital transformation.






Tobias Sattler

Ernst&Young, Executive Director People Advisory Service, Germany



Tobias Sattler's passion is preparing organizations for the future through the advancement of digital transformation. Sattler is an expert in this area and aims to give clarity to the enormous variety of questions and the specific problems inherent to the transformation process. With his claim to "make digital transformation happen," he gives concrete tools and strategic recommendations you can use to optimally prepare yourself for change.






George Elfond

CEO Rallyware, USA


Rallyware wants to help customers to educate, coach, and motivate employees. What better way than to do it than through gaming? Whether via an app or on the web, Rallyware makes software solutions precisely tailored to the goals of the customer. Their CEO, George Elfond, has recognized the concept of the "organization of tomorrow." With his combination of years of experience in strategy management and the entertainment industry, he has successfully made the leap of digital transformation and established his startup on the market.





Ulrich Weber

Deutsche Bahn AG, CHRO, Germany



For Ulrich Weber it is people who make the difference. As Head of Personal and Deutshe Bahn, he is responsible for roughly 300,000 employees worldwide. Shaping the teamwork between so many individuals is his dream job. From Work 4.0 to the acquisition of qualified workers to wage negotiations, the focus of Weber’s work is making visionary ideas and innovative cultural and business model developments a reality in daily life. His aim is to boost curiosity, caution, and a passion for change in his group – so that DB and its staff can shape their own futures.






Dr. Yoram Levanon

Beyond Verbal, CSO, Israel



Do you need help when it comes to flirting? Dr. Yoram Levanon can give you the technical support you need! The CSO of “Beyond Verbal Communication” deals with emotions on a daily basis. His company has developed a system for facial- and voice-recognition software which is even capable of screening personality traits in real time. The program is not only available to a handful of costumers but can already be downloaded in major app stores. So be careful: the average smartphone will soon recognize how you really feel about what you say!





Livio Hughes

Founder and Partner, Post*Shift, Great Britain

Digital challenges are his specialty. This is why Hughes has made it his mission to change the structures of our companies so that operational, organizational, and cultural barriers to digital transformation can be demolished. Through the employment of innovative and improved work methods, he helps companies seize the opportunities of digitalization and transform themselves to reach the digital level of 21st-Century business.




Ursula Schütze-Kreilkamp

Deutsche Bahn AG, Head of Personnel Development, Germany


Career management as an engine of transformation on every level: The digital revolution is not only a challenge for IT companies. The decisive success factor in the transformation towards digital living and working environments is the human being. How do we need to redefine and reevaluate concepts like career and talent in this context?





Sven Gábor Jánszky

Chairman, 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, Germany



Host and presenter, Sven Gábor Jánszky, focuses the participants on those hidden transformation drivers that influence the development of the companies behind the surface.  How can companies' transformation be measured? How can it succeed? The future researcher and founder of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTanks explains the questions companies have to ask themselves and how they can be inspired by their answers.






Dr. Jörg Wallner

2b AHEAD ThinkTank, Director Innovation & Change, Germany



As Director Innovation & Change at the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, Dr. Wallner is responsible for the development & implementation of efficient, goal-oriented innovation projects and change processes. The native of Hamburg is also a sought-after keynote speaker.

At the Tomorrowing Your Business congress, he will give participants and speakers the opportunity to explore the topic of how to transform business during small-group collaboration in the Transformation LAB.






Michael Carl

2b AHEAD ThinkTank, Director Innovation & Change, Germany


Michael Carl is one of the two executive directors at the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank. The sought-after keynote speaker has already gathered years of experience as a consultant for strategic and organizational development, as a program host at numerous radio stations, and at leading German television network ARD. Alongside his role as “Director Analysis & Studies,” Michael is also responsible for the think tank’s event department. Thus he has been highly involved in organizing Tomorrowing Your Business and has the perfect foundation for leading the participants through the day as a congress moderator.