Greeting for the Congress 2016

Dr. Rüdiger Grube, Chairman of the Board, DB AG

"Tomorrowing Your Business – Enabling Transformation"

in Potsdam

Digitalization will radically transform the mobility sector: Public transportation, as an example, is more modern, simple, and comfortable than ever before – and will become even more attractive for our customers within the next few years. At Deutsche Bahn, we view ourselves as trailblazers and digital technologies as the engine that drives transformation forward.


As we seize new opportunities for better product quality and increased customer satisfaction, we primarily turn to three leverage points: First, we continue to improve the interfaces to our customers. Our vision: a full-service mobility platform spanning all forms of transportation. Second, we are simultaneously digitalizing all internal processes. Cutting-edge maintenance systems are already finding employment in our elevators, escalators, switch points, and train engines. And, with our open data platform, we give developers access to infrastructural and scheduling data. Finally, in the future we aim to promote and refine our cooperation with startups  in order to develop new, data-based business models.


Mobility will become more individualized, more varied, more interconnected, and more digital – at breathtaking speed. Players who want to shape the industry in the future must essentially reinvent themselves. This is precisely what we are doing at Deutsche Bahn.


Our company finds itself en route to DB 4.0. Not only with new innovative solutions and products for our customers, but also with a new company structure, a more modern, more integrative strategy, a new way of working together, and a new leadership culture.


It is therefore my great pleasure that our DB Leadership Academy – itself a place of transformation – will host the congress "Tomorrowing Your Business – Enabling Transformation."



Yours affectionately,


Dr. Rüdiger Grube

Chairman of the Board, DB AG