Trend Study: Personalized Medicine of the Future

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Paradigm shift in healthcare — The future of medicine will be personalized:


* Data takes on the leading role in treatment

* Treatment, prevention, and optimization take place in networks

* Physicians and pharmacists will become coaches and health coordinators for their customers

* Attackers will carve out space in healthcare markets with innovative products and a highly professional customer approach


The central revelation of the trend study is that there is no question about whether personalized medicine will come or not. It will come, because there is both supply and demand. What remains unseen is what shape it will be given by the various stakeholders involved.


The most important driver behind personalized medicine is the growing volume of personal medical data, the increasing quality of this data, the number of data sources, and the ability of the IT systems to evaluate the data and to analyze it automatically for each individual patient. This patient data will take on the leading role in the entire treatment process. And what's more: beyond the treatment process as well. Thus this digitally connected medicine will fulfill the age-old promise of medicine in a new way: Personalized medicine offers people solutions for comprehensively promoting personal health and well-being.


Personalized medicine places the individual back in focus and perceives individual users in a different way: as people who act in a competent and informed way, who would like to improve their health and actively influence this process. The human being at the center of a personal healthcare network is no longer merely the suffering individual who lacks something, a deficient object of medical treatment. Entire health networks will appear around the individual person. And the hubs of these networks will be occupied both by the tradition player in the healthcare sector as well as new attackers: IT companies, food producers, the manufacturers of athletic articles, etc. For doctors and pharmacists, the opportunity will arise to manage and structure their customers' networks as coaches. A role, however, that will certainly be fiercely contested — because the player who controls the health networks of his customers will have the best chances for attractive business models.


The personal health network will be a dynamic network that adapts to the current demands of care. The speed of decision making will increase, just as will the rate of the development for new products or other healthcare solutions. But communication and internal processes will also become accelerated. Personalized medicine offers the opportunity to find new locations for health and to position health-related topics in places where these were hardly to be found. These new locations will include users' homes or cars, shopping centers, restaurants, and the workplace. And it is precisely here where opportunities will arise for new products and new brands. Companies from other industries have recognized this and are now developing health products and services of their own for the first time. It is therefore up to today's pharmacies, medical practices, hospitals, pharmaceutical corporations, and diagnostics companies to recognize these opportunities and to seize them for themselves.



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