Trend Study: HR Management of the Future: HR Strategies for the World of Full Employment

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Together with sponsor SAP, the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank has completed a qualitative trend study on the world of human resources that will emerge in the next few years. Using primarily the insights of corporate boards and innovation managers as a basis, the study helps readers to navigate a world that is drastically different from ours, but is not far off.


In the study, readers can learn about the HR solutions offered by fluid companies and caring companies, about just exactly what a chief change officer is, and about how HR specialists will become professional data collectors and analysts and lifelong career development coaches. Use our study to help you and your company succeed in the world shaped by these changes.


• Full employment: Long-term shortage of 2-5M workers in Germany

• The balance of power tips: Companies to apply to potential employees

• An overall ratio of 40 % temporary, project-based positions will force companies to become "fluid companies" or "caring companies"

• Recruiting: The end of job profiles – HR becoming a data-analyst service

• HR development: Corporate leaders as coaches – employees borrowed and rented between companies

• Assuring employee loyalty: Integrating employees’ social surroundings via "corporate life"

• Internal headhunters emerge

• HR departments to become chief change departments ... or disappear!



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