The Core Team of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank

Sven Gábor Jánszky

Sven Gábor Jánszky is a trend researcher and heads the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank. With his numerous trend analyses on the living-, working-, and consumer worlds of the future and his management books “Rule Breakers – How the People Think Whose Ideas Are Changing the World” and “2020 – How We’ll Live in the Future,” Mr. Jánszky has emerged as the spokesperson for the lateral thinkers and innovators in German business. As a consultant, Mr. Jánszky coaches managers and companies and also leads and presides over creative processes for the development of future-oriented products and business models.


Mr. Jánszky is a sought-after interview expert in Germany’s leading business media, and he is a frequently-booked keynote speaker for strategy conferences and congresses. The noted futurist holds a degree in journalism and has more than ten years’ experience in leadership roles at several public media networks. Mr. Jánszky teaches at various universities and today holds lectureships at the Karlshochschule International University and at the University of Leipzig’s Institute for Communications and Media Sciences. Additionally, he holds positions as the President of the Board of Directors of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank Inc. in St. Gallen, as a member of the Supervisory Board at Karlshochschule International University, as a Managing Board member of Management Circle Inc., as Managing Partner of the MDKK (the Central German Communications and Congress Society) in Leipzig, and as the head of the Rulebreaker Society, Germany’s first specialty agency for disruptive innovation.     


Jan Berger

Jan Berger heads Germany's most innovative think tank, together with Michael Carl, as its Managing Director. Holding degrees in History and Slavic Studies, Mr. Berger lived and worked in Russia and the United States for several years, where he held a number of leadership positions in international companies. For many years, Mr. Berger headed the Business Development Department for Central and Eastern Europe of a pan-European real estate group. In this role, he successfully completed several projects in Russia that attracted the attention of the industry through their use of innovative construction technologies. At the same time, Mr. Berger was also responsible for several joint R&D projects with European technology leaders in the area of sustainable construction. Following this, he specialized in strategies for opening up international markets. As a consultant, Mr. Berger worked to support US and European corporations break into the Russian and Central European markets; conversely, he helped Russian firms establish sales channels in Germany. Shortly before joining 2b AHEAD, Mr. Berger successfully concluded the development of the sales platform for a major German bank in an award-winning IT startup.    

Michael Carl

Michael Carl

Michael Carl is Manging Director of Research and Consulting at the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, where he heads the think tank's Research and Consulting Department. He is responsible for the methodical and content-related conception of the institute's future-oriented studies; he also supports the implementation of the studies themselves and manages the development of individual, customer-specific strategic recommendations. Mr. Carl is a sought-after keynote speaker for trend- and future-related topics. After completing his studies in Theology in Germany and Great Britain, Mr. Carl worked in journalism, where he was employed by various public and private radio stations as editor and program host. After several years as personal advisor to the radio director for the German network ARD, Mr. Carl moved to the field of research. His first task in this field was the establishment of the strategic office for Berlin-Brandenburg Radio. As the head of this office, Mr. Carl was responsible for major structural, strategic and HR projects. Additionally, he was employed as an independent consultant for strategic and organizational development. There, Mr. Carl’s areas of focus lay in the media and finance sectors and in the commerce and IT industries. His passions are music and his personal literature blog.    

Dr. Jörg Wallner

Dr. Jörg Wallner, Director of Innovation & Change at 2b AHEAD, manages the think tank’s change division. His area of expertise is efficient and results-oriented innovation projects; he is also responsible for 2b AHEAD’s methodology. Dr. Wallner is a trained political scientist, sociologist, and publicist, and received his doctorate from the FU Berlin. As a member of management at a consulting firm, Dr. Wallner gained many years of experience developing marketing, market entry, and sales strategies - as well as new operating and business models - for leading commerce enterprises and mail-order companies, where he also managed and supported the necessary change processes. With this experience, Dr. Wallner built up the Business Development Department and the innovation processes in one of the world’s largest publishing groups, where he also succeeded in expanding the organization’s portfolio to include many new products in the areas of mobile and publishing solutions. A member of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank since 2013, Dr. Wallner is equally sought-after as a consultant and a keynote speaker at industry events and management seminars in several sectors, including insurance. As a lecturer, Dr. Wallner also teaches at the Competence Center Digital Economics in Hamburg.

Jana Sorgalla

Jana Sorgalla is the Director of the Rulebreaker Society at the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank. She holds a degree in architecture and has been with 2b AHEAD since 2006. Ms. Sorgalla successfully established – and significantly shaped – the 2b AHEAD Future Congress, and has helped organize the Executive Rulebreaker Days in the last few years as well. Before taking over leadership of the Society, Ms. Sorgalla was the personal assistant for Sven Gábor Jánszky, the founder of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank. At this time, Ms. Sorgalla managed operations at the institute’s Leipzig headquarters and was responsible for its sales administration as well.                  

Robert Schnoeckel

Roberst Schnoeckel is Senior Researcher in the department "Analysis & Studies." He is responsible for the organizational and content-related work for individual trend studies and analyses throughout the entire development process. Previously he was in direct contact to the customers of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank as Customer Experience Manager, where he learned much about the needs and expectations of our clients.


Before his time with 2b AHEAD, Robert served as Project Manager at a respected HR consultancy, and also gained valuable experience with an international logistics firm in the areas of PR and publicity. While a student of German Studies and Political Science in Chemnitz and Jena, he contributed to the first historical-critical publication of the entire works of the German Enlightenment writer Christoph Martin Wieland.


Robert lives in Leipzig with his wife. The passionate athlete has already run several half marathons and has played soccer for more than 20 years. He finds books to be a quiet counterpoint to sports. 

Christin Elster

Christin Elster is employed at 2b AHEAD as Sales & Marketing Assistant. Ms. Elster is trained as a publishing sales representative and holds a degree in publishing as well. As a student, she gained valuable experience at a public TV and radio network. After the completion of her studies and an extended stay in New Zealand, Ms. Elster began her career in the sales department of one of Europe’s leading media groups before working for a celebrated radio holding company, where she was responsible for the conceptual design and implementation of special advertising operations and joint media projects. The focus of her work at 2b AHEAD lies in the preparation and implementation of sales and marketing activities. 

Johanna Eife

Johanna Eife is Project Manager Conferences at the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank. In this role, she holds main responsibility for the conception and organization of the 2b AHEAD Conferences. Within the framework of this event, Mrs. Eife maintains personal contact to the key decision makers in innovation from various industries in German-speaking Europe. Before coming to 2b AHEAD, the trained sociologist was employed as an assistant and personal trainer for an international organization in Northern Ireland.

Erick Peterson

Erick Peterson is employed at the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank as Manager of International Relations. He spent his first year in Germany while studying English and German Studies at the University of Houston. While a student, Mr. Peterson worked at his home university as a writing tutor and lecturer. He is a translator and language trainer with a diverse wealth of experience. Mr. Peterson has worked with various prestigious companies, where he was responsible for a wide range of publications. The focus of his work at the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank lies in the translation of in-house publications and the expansion of the institute’s international relations network.   

Kai Gondlach

Kai Gondlach

Kai Gondlach is a trained futurist, and, as Senior Research Fellow in the Research and Studies department of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, he is responsible for planning and conducting the institute’s future studies. While a student of Sociology, Political Science and Public Administration, Mr. Gondlach was employed at two Berlin consulting agencies in the areas of politics and business. While earning his Master’s degree in Future Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin, Mr. Gondlach completed initial futurological studies on the topics of corporate succession, urban development, and traffic in Germany and Great Britain, and also worked on several projects for German Rail’s corporate organization and strategy. Following this, Mr. Gondlach was responsible for various projects in online and print publishing as Innovation & Marketing Manager for a Berlin startup. As proprietor of his own online-marketing firm, Mr. Gondlach conducted several projects for smaller companies. In his private life, he is a devoted music fan and musician, and works to serve future-studies alumni on a volunteer basis.

Maria Lübcke

Maria Lübcke is employed at 2b AHEAD in the area of studies and analyses as a Junior Research Fellow. Ms. Lübcke coordinates the various research projects of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, conducts research on study topics, and evaluates expert interviews. Before this, she worked for 2b AHEAD as Project Manager, where she was responsible, among other things, for the guest- and back-office management of the institute’s Future Congress. Previously, after studying abroad in Spain, the trained cultural scientist gained valuable professional experience in Leipzig’s notable Grassi Museum in the areas of PR- and event management.