Think Quantum – The Prediction of Everything

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How predictive enterprises will revolutionize our customers, products, and processes 


Technology roadmaps through 2027


The topics of digitalization have dominated discussions in the public and private sectors for the last ten years. From MP3 to HoloLens, from the 3D-printing of houses and human hearts, the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank has consistently forecasted accurately about how digitalization will change industries across the board. Implementing these changes in practice is also sure to keep corporate strategists occupied for years to come. The real visionaries, however, are already looking to the times after the digital revolution. What can we expect in the year 2027? What will our processes look like in ten years? How will our customers tick? And how will we live ourselves?


The answers are based on a new understanding of the collection, analysis, and evaluation of data. While today's digital and omnichannel business strategies depend on the evaluation of real-time data, within the next few years they will need to become "faster than real time."  Tomorrow's predictive enterprises will function on the basis of intelligent predictive operating systems. These systems will be capable of predicting the near future, and will steer all company processes on the basis of these predictions.   


How the “Prediction of Everything” will revolutionize our customers, products, and processes


The 16th Future Congress of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank will put a real hack on your conception of today’s world. Forget what you know about Industry 4.0, marketing, nation states, or your identity as a citizen. Discover where emerging predictive models will take us through 2027: How disruptive technologies will penetrate our industries! How marketing will have to be completely reimagined! How products will become predictive! What new customer segments will open to you! And: What structures and processes will look like in predictive companies!


Our Future Congress will put the consequences of data-driven business, data-driven companies, and data-driven life in focus: In what ways will human beings become part of the operating system of life in 2027? Will computers be the better bosses? Will learning AI programming skills become a social responsibility? In the world of predictive superanalytical systems, what decisions will we still make? And how?


Think Quantum!


The Future Congress will discuss the technologies that will shape our world over the next ten years. It will provide a snapshot of the future, showing how your customers, products, and company will change in these times of major disruption.  It will present the best cases of agile companies from across the globe, and will discuss the most important question for our futures: How can people and companies successfully think predictively, to be data-driven, and to become part of the predictive system themselves?