The Redefinition of Values

We trend researchers hear it often enough: "Our society is going downhill, because our values are in decline!" As true as this is supposed to sound, it simply isn't. The human being of tomorrow will have his values just as well as his ancestors did, with one stipulation: They will be reinterpreted.


In the future, closeness will be just as important as today, however: It will not be measured in meters, but in number and quality of interactions. We will continue our search for security, but will seek it at entirely different sources than ever before.


Read the book and discover how the values "Trust & Integrity," "Security and Growth," "Openness and Transparency," "Responsibility and Sustainability," "Closeness and Customer Orientation," and "Innovation and Dynamics" will be remeasured in tomorrow's society. Together with our 14 guest authors, we invite you to read for yourself how best to orient your business in line with these changes...and therefore help to shape the world of the future.




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